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Your computerised device are becoming more susceptible to hacks. Attackers exploiting the software vulnerabilities, by writing viruses and other malware for mobiles and tablets, it can disable your device or expose the data stored on it. Phone companies store your data on their server. Do you trust your phone company to keep your data secure? Mobiles may not be the best place to store valuable or personal information.
Business hours: Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00, Saturdays from 09:00 to 16:00 (LT). Sunday and Bank Holidays closed. Our twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, live telephone answering services utilizes the latest in advanced call centre technologies. Our call centre services are equipped with some of the most powerful applications available, we are dedicated to serve our​ clients around the world.
Please take the following steps in the event your Laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet is lost or stolen, we are here to assist you in recovering your valuable personal property:
File a report with Ellan Vannin Guard immediately and contact your local law enforcement agency. Report the loss as soon as possible to your mobile service provider.
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If your identity is ever compromised, it can really impact your sense of security. Our trusted experts are ready to guide you through the process of recovery and resolution.
Consider carefully what information to store on your mobile devices. If it fell into the wrong hands, would it cause a disaster? Can you prevent someone from accessing that important information and can you get it back? Precautionary steps you can take:
Encrypt the data stored on the device. Some mobiles, like Apple iPhones come packaged with this feature. Enable "Remote Wipe" via Ellan Vannin Guard remote system.

Should you have any questions that you cannot find the answer to, please do not hesitate to fill out the form on our "Contact Page", thank you.